Sneaky Knitting for an Abstract Hat

I’m feeling a little guilty.  Not being one to keep a secret about my own errant behaviour, I must confess.  I have been sneaking in new knitting projects.  Sometimes I show them without saying that they were not planned and just bogarted their way into the heirarchy of things on needles.  Sometimes I don’t even mention them.  Sigh.  I am a lying, cheating, sneaky knitter.  And I don’t think change is a-comin’. 


Sometimes I start a new project as I am walking out the door.  I wait until the last minute to pack my purse, and then I realize that I don’t have any emergency knitting, and I grab a ball and some needles.  I learned long ago not to go anywhere without either emergency knitting or an emergency book.  I do not sit and wait very well.  I get cranky and stiff and bored and miserable.  Annoying occurences choose me as the site of their parties, and I become even more unpleasant.  I don’t explode, I do that snipping thing.  A little snip over here, a little snip there, being snippy all around, I grouch and grumble my way through the wait.  Much of this unpleasantness takes place in my head, so the worst torture is to myself.  I’m not one for aggravating the help.  Hence, the emergency supplies.  I can entertain myself for very long periods of time with a good knit or read.  I can turn the wait into near bliss, remove myself from the situation, and be so engrossed that I don’t hear the receptionist call my name. 


Yesterday I grabbed on the way out.  Now I know that I could have packed up one of my existing, already on-the-needles projects and taken it with me, but I didn’t start soon enough.  (One of the bigger excuses-I know you can see right through me.)  I grabbed a pair of teeny circular needles (Knitpicks Harmonies, a dream) and two balls of dusty rose Laines du Nord Cashsilk (50% extrafine merino, 25% cashmere, 25% silk).  Before I left my doctor’s office, I had a 3.5 x 9 inch length of hatband.  I decided to knit a band that would be the bottom of a hat, then pick up the stitches along one edge to make the dome.  That allows me to knit the band in a complex, vertically-oriented way.  It’s a random, original pattern, and I love it so far. 

I know, it’s the laziest excuse for photography in the entire blogging world, but that’s how I roll.  A poorly-lit closeup:

See, those are rolly polly cable wannabes.  That’s what happens when you do your designing on the fly in the doctor’s waiting room.  I knit like I paint-abstract is my realm. 


People!  It’s already the middle of April, and suddenly the Chattanooga Market is up and running and planning for Sunday, April 27, from noon to 5 at First Tennessee Pavilion.  There will be live music from Anne McCue (Melbourne), Gary Nicholson (Nashville Grammy-winner), and Amy Cook (Austin).  Wow.  There’s some benefit to having a new owner who’s in the music business. 


Alas, my attendance at the Chattanooga Market will have to be as a spectator/buyer for the next few weeks.  I haven’t quite made it back to market-able status, but that will come soon.  Meanwhile, I can finish preparing my spring/summer stuff for my next sales visit.  And I can keep jumping on the exercise bike and pushing those minutes up.  Which is where I’m going now–a round of pedalling while I watch Without a Trace




4 Responses

  1. I’m an abstract painter – I never know when I start out where I’m going to wind up. But I never thought about knitting that way. Hmmmmmmm! You’ve planted a dangerous seed. Aren’t you proud?!?!?

  2. I love that; will you be bringing it tomorrow???

  3. “that’s how i roll” — gosh mommy, you stole that line from me like whoa. it’s ok though. glad you’re feeling well today. i am working on my paper… well i will be in a few minutes.
    love you dearly.
    boo boo

  4. Just checking in to make sure you are okay. It’s unusual not to see a new post. Hope you are well, enjoying spring and having fun doing something you love…..

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