Snoody Fixations, or Jesus is Watching Me Knit

Today Jesus was watching me.  Or rather, a little wooden crucifix hanging on the wall was watching me.  I was in the suite of one of my doctors, the one that I see only yearly.  On at least one wall in every room, there hung a crucifix.  The suite is in a building that is owned by a Catholic hospital.  I’ve been going to various offices and visiting patients at that hospital for twenty-some years, and I’ve never seen such a concentration of crucifixes.  The staff said they were new, that the hospital had sent workers around to hang them just last week.  Wonder why the new (cruci-)fixation?  I have friends whose offices are in that building.  They are Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Jewish…I wonder what they thought when the new lease required a crucifix in every room?  I was weighed before I went to the exam room.  My weight had increased 22 pounds in a year (they don’t know I’d already started losing, shhhhh).  I didn’t want Jesus to have to see the new inches on the belly, so I hung an exam glove over the crucifix.  My doc didn’t mind. 


All my docs are cool guys.  (I say “guys” for everyone; I have female doctors, too.)  This one went to medical school with me in his hometown, then inexplicably turned up in my hometown to practice his specialty.  At one point we had our offices in the same medical office building, and would frequently run into each other on hospital rounds.  He had a new joke every time I ran into him and I’d be at the nurses station laughing myself silly.  Now that I’m his patient, he still makes me laugh.  What a cure! 


Today my knees have put me on notice.  I rode my exercise bike for 12.5 minutes yesterday.  This evening there is a fire raging in each knee joint.  I am trying to quiet them with Aspercreme and a half-a pain tab.  I might even ice them.  You see, if I can sneak up on them I will ride a little bit again tonight.  I am enjoying my training.  At various times I have worked out in the water, but I always wind up getting an infection and being set back for weeks, so I have to stay on dry land and pedal and use some weights and elastic pulling thingies. 


I’ve put good work into the red Ultra Alpaca sweater this week, and now the body is complete.  I have to do trim work and decide something about sleeves, then it will be ready for showing off. 


In other knitting, I finished the snood yesterday.  Lord, what a snoody term for a pretty accessory.  I pulled the seam in the end piece (opposite the opening) to gather it.  I left the bottom seam ungathered.  That gives a pretty puff to the back.  My poor styrofoam model head does not have any hair, and doesn’t do this justice.  I’ve gone through about three of these heads and it’s time for an upgrade.  Today I found a beautiful model head on Ebay, and the same store had some inexpensive wigs so I ordered some hair for her.  Can’t wait to start photographing hats and scarves on her.  She’ll need a name.  I’ll have to give it some consideration.  And then ask my daughter, who is the official namer in the family. 


Okay, people.  Debate time.  Gotta book.




2 Responses

  1. “(cruci)-fixation”???? You definitely ARE a woman after my own heart!

    I’m sorry you can’t exercise in the pool. I know it’s what keeps me going. I’d love to go every day, but my skin can’t tolerate that much chlorine.

    I finished the main part of The Afghan (wedding present for our first grandchild-wedding) – just the border to do now – about 3-4 rows of 8 zillion stitches. Love the snood, but, as you know, my head doesn’t work for it any more than yours does. 8^)

  2. Two things:

    1) The colors in that are beautiful. I am partial to green.

    2) Jesus has x-ray vision, so totally saw you nekked.

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