Being Famous with Sauteed Soy

Y’all I am so famous, I’m having trouble getting over myself!  I have to tell you about two incidents. 

Famous Essie #1:  About two months ago I received a letter in the mail.  Considering the state of our communications in this era, it may well have been the only letter written and delivered this year.  We don’t utilize that means of talking with one another much any more.  As a child, I received wonderful letters from my grandmothers and from friends I left behind in Army moves.  Now I get text messages on my phone saying “u r my fave. ttyl.”  Oops, way off course.  As I was saying, I received a letter.  It came from a stranger, an attorney in North Carolina, usually not a good thing, but it was about knitting.  She asked a question about the styling of a chemocap that I designed that is still on the free patterns page.  (Waaaay down on the page.)  She wrote on her office stationery, and I picked up the phone and called the number on the letterhead.  We had a lovely conversation discussing the choice of yarns and the finishing of the cap.  She was actually making her second one.  I was thrilled that one person had seen the cap, decided it was worth making, and actually contacted me about it! 


Famous Essie #2:  I had my echocardiogram today.  Since I was out and feeling much stronger than last week, I decided to follow that with a trip to my favorite grocery store.  I started at the far end of the store, loading up with five cases of my favorite fizzy water.  Next I rounded the corner to approach the pet food aisle and grab some snacks for Lucy.  Three manager-types in their white stock coats were standing at that junction, and before I could turn, one called out “YOU’RE the La Croix lady!”  He was pointing to my water and smiling.  I admitted that yes, I did clean out his La Croix shelf on a regular basis.  Evidently I’m the only person in the county who drinks the stuff.  He asked me how many I usually bought, how often, and what flavors, carefully writing my answers on his stock-manager clipboard.  He then promised that I would never again find that shelf empty.  Wow!  Heady stuff!  Who knew my grocery store actually cared that I got my water.  I’m turning up a can of the beloved stuff as we speak.


Okay, so I am now composing my posts about the sawdust of life.  I know this isn’t exactly the stuff that saves lives.  Actually, it’s subterfuge.  For the last two weeks, right alongside the saga of the mystery illness, there’s been a subtext, the tiniest thread of a possibility that has captured me and kept my mind running in circles while I knit.  Oh, stop looking expectantly at me.  I know better than to talk about the tiny threads of expectations and hopes that don’t have any solidity yet.  But they sure make life interesting.


While I was feeling like death eating a cracker, my wonderful in-laws (there’s nothing “ex” about them, they are still very present in my life) offered to do some shopping for me.  I requested tofu on one of those errands.  My mother-in-law had never shopped for tofu before, and has no plans to eat any, but she brought me a box of silken firm tofu and an onion to cook with it.  Last night I felt like slicing and dicing, so I cut up some onion and garlic and sauteed them in olive oil.  I added the box of tofu, smushing it into smaller pieces with the spatula.  I sprinkled on some nutritional yeast flakes, which add a bit of flavor to the bland tofu.  I checked the frig for leftover vegetables and found half a package of fresh green beans that I had microwaved the night before.  I threw them in the pan with the rest.  When this whole dish was finished, it smelled heavenly and tasted great.  The in-laws should have accepted my invite to dinner. 


This is one way to eat soy, which has some fabulous health benefits.  If you have heard some of the internet muttering of the last few years, questioning the safety of whole soy products, you want to read this: .    It’s Andrew Weil’s update on some of the questions that have been raised about the safety of soy.  Great documentation. 


Talk to you after my doctor visit tomorrow.  It’s all good.




7 Responses

  1. isn’t it nice to know that while other things my be sagging, your heart sac isn’t one of them? ah, what a visual. congrats on the still young & firm sac – wish i could say the same about my ass.

  2. oh, baggy heart! sorry to imply anything was sagging, including your heart sac. glad it is also not baggy. but my butt is still saggy.

  3. Your talk of “threads” is intriguing. We’ll keep watching. And waiting for the doc’s report.

  4. That is a REALLY cool hat!!!

  5. “just my imagination, run-ning awaa a a a aay” is my theme song this week.

    Avoidance theory, and Chaos theory, will be the subject of my thesis. and Doctorate

    Love Lucy! U2!

  6. Hah! I figured out who “Jimmigirl” is. And your question. We haven’t decided yet, but probably will go.

  7. And, Essie, how you doin?

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