I am going to be brief this evening.  I know you think I can’t, but it’s possible.  Occasionally.  The nice doctor’s office called me with normal kidney function report today.  That’s something to have big, major, noisy rejoicing about.  Tomorrow is the echocardiogram.  I’m anxious.  Afraid I’ll look up at the monitor and see a big, baggy heart that is lackadaisically pumping at half-strength.  Probably not.  Hopefully not.  People are being nice to me.  I’m holding my breath.  No reason to belabor this in print.


A little something for the nerves: YouTube – Young @ Heart: Staying Alive 



3 Responses

  1. I’m sure it was the decoration and the purple stuff that got the good report on the urinalysis. 8^) We’ll be waiting to hear about your echocardiogram.

  2. What you will see is a heart of gold and the doctor will be equally amazed as he was when he saw the purple urine.

  3. The doc will see a BIG HEART decorated with your famous yarns well knitted together with all kinds of acceptance and love! Tottle-loo, Bye-Bye!

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