Miscellaneous Survival Stuff

Today I asked a friend to pick up a few groceries for me.  I only needed four things.  Part of the reason for the short list is that there are certain staples I buy in quantity.  These are things that I order from Amazon.com, complete with 20-40% discounts and free shipping:

  • organic whole wheat pasta
  • organic low-sodium lentil and vegetable soup
  • low-sodium mushroom soup (especially for casseroles)
  • baby wipes (like Monk, I’m a fiend about hand-washing, and these are easy on the skin)
  • vitamins and supplements
  • organic, gluten-free dark chocolate cookies (for an occasional treat and to give away at appropriate times)
  • millet (an ancient grain that I use for hot breakfast cereal, as a side dish and in stews)
  • olive oil moisturizing soap

I am thrilled that all of these items arrive within five days, in sturdy packing, and they are placed right on my doorstep.  It saves me time and money and energy.  There are some other perks.  I get additional discounts if I have items on a repetitive schedule, to be automatically delivered at intervals varying from one month to six months.  When I search for items on the Amazon site, they automatically tell me about deals with certain brands or combinations of brands.  When I look at an individual item, all the nutritional information is present, and ingredients lists are, too.  Even better, they are in nice large print.

Another convenience I’ve used this week is my long-handled grabber.  I can pick up things from the floor, get wet laundry out of the back of the machine, take a roll of toilet paper off the high shelf, all without straining this sore back. 

Regardless of conveniences, I still haven’t caught up on my sleep.  So, early finish tonight. 



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