Just Sunday Winding Down

These past few days it has taken me long into the day to have more strength for getting up and moving.  And the pain has not been easy, either.  I’m used to fatigue and pain, but not muscle weakness.  I actually took my blood pressure this morning, then listened to my heart.  I’m questioning whether this is all med withdrawal, so tomorrow I will go to my rheumatologist and ask questions.  Meanwhile, people who are close around me are checking for every little thing that they can do to help.  I am blessed in that way.  Even my young host student offered to stay at the house a few days (instead of his dorm) to lend a hand.  He lived with us a whole summer, so he knows his way around here.  I’ve declined for now, but the offer is thoughtful. 

I keep looking at my new exercise machine.  It’s tapered and cool, like a race car.  Well, not so much like a race car,  but solid and sleek, like something meant for speed.  I refuse to be mocked by it.  This is just a few bad days.

This is what to do with bad days:

burlyspunpurplerugmidway.jpg  I started with a solid violet, now you can see I’ve added deep red and mahogany stripes.  You’ll have to imagine the colors a bit, because this is reading pink instead of magenta.  The mahogany yarn is really a brown/black combination.  There is no pattern to the stripes.  There are a few rows of color work where I stranded two yarns along, hiding the floats on the back.  Each of these areas has two rows and is stockinette instead of garter stitch.

burlyspunpurplerugmidwayb.jpg The lower area is comprised of two violet stitches then a magenta stitch, repeated all the way across, all in knit stitch.  It’s second row is all in purl, magenta over magenta and violet over violet. 

The upper area is comprised of two violet then two magenta stitches, all knit, for the first row.  The second row is all purl, again magenta over magenta and violet over violet.  It is especially important to make your floats loose when you are felting, because they can shrink and pull tightly, making puckers in your final product.  This project is really growing on me.  The colors are deep and soothing.  I’m hoping to get more inches on it this afternoon. 

Meanwhile, I’m out of steam.



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  1. Hang in there, babe!

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