More Movies and the Bike

I knew this would happen.  Ever since I posted my final list of fours yesterday, I’ve had other items popping into my head, competing for the things that made the list.  The movie category is the worst, because obviously I can’t remember every movie I ever saw, not even every good movie I ever saw, and different events and circumstances bring different ones to mind.  Raising Arizona has been giving me a fit.  It’s exactly the kind of black humor that I love, and it has one of my favorite actors in it:  Nicholas Cage.  And it has stupid people and politics and cute babies–good elements for a movie, in my opinion.  Then there’s Flashdance.  It was the movie that defined the 80s for me.  I wanted to be the dancer, or even the welder, and attract the boss’ attention, not confined to the hospital as a resident, pretending to be politic and conservative.  People even told me I looked like Jennifer Beals (no kidding! 16 lupus-years is a lifetime).  She’s Gotta Have It, an early Spike Lee joint about a woman who was as free as I wanted to be, is another that really nags at me.  How could I include The Empire Strikes Back in preference to that first Spike Lee beauty?  Well, there was that thing of sitting in a Philadelphia theater with the widest screen I ever saw, feeling like I was flying with the Rebel Army.  And the fact that I learned every single word of dialogue in my ten visits.  And that I usually went with two guys who were smart, sweet men who saved my medical school life.  I’m sighing, because this makes me want to write about things that cannot be released. 

Hmmm.  Maybe I’m coasting in movieland because the past two days have been rough.  This flu segment of my withdrawal syndrome means feeling feverish, achy, and very weak.  I have hardly had the stamina to comb my hair.  I talked to my doc again, and he suggested starting another med from the class that we discontinued.  This med has a much longer half-life and perhaps in a week or two I can taper and discontinue it without a problem.  I started it yesterday and it does seem to ameliorate some of those symptoms, but I’m not back to normal.  I missed knitting group.  Again. 

Well, I’m back from a long break, helping one of my kids put the NordicTrack Commercial 400 together.  It’s an exercise bicycle with a recumbent seat position, relatively cheap at Costco.  It’s in my bedroom where I have no excuse for ignoring it.  The seat back works perfectly for me and I actually put 1 minute on the bike when we finished.  A test run!  3.7 calories.  Woohoo, I’m on my way!  If I can operate this thing and burn a few calories in my current weak state, just imagine in a few weeks.  Again, I say to the weight loss partner, “Dude!  you’re goin’ down!”   

I put a good 20 inches on my mat, and added some mahogany brown and a deep red.  Photos soon. 



3 Responses

  1. COMB YOUR HAIR?!?!?!? Surely you don’t need to comb your hair. It looks great as is! I do hope you get to feeling better to do other things, though. 8^)

    Where do you go to Costco? I wish we had one in Chattanooga.

  2. Hmmm. Spike Lee. The film I liked best of his (aside from Inside Man which was somewhat standard Hollywood fare) was Mo Better Blues.

    To me Empire Strikes Back was the apex of the Stars Wars series and then Lucas lost his mind. You saw signs of that when Ewoks in “ROTJ” could defeat the best trained troops from the Empire. Please. Ewoks. They should have been rounded up and foi gras’d for dinner by Darth and the Emporer.

    And what sort of things cannot be released. Double Hmmm!!!

  3. And knitting group missed you too!!

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