Brain Glitch number 1 (of probably a dozen-zillion)

Well I am laughing this morning!  Mary Z has uncovered a total brain glitch on my part.  The photo of a red tote bag that I showed yesterday was not at all the item I meant to show, but somehow when I was scrolling through my photos I chose the first felted bag I saw.  That photo features a red bag from a variety of colored wools, I think from Knitpicks.  On the other hand, the bag that I had in mind, this green one,

 gianttotelimeorangered.jpg       gianttotelimeorangeredc.jpg

is made completely of burly spun and is the most rugged tote I’ve ever made.  It’s huge, about 16 x 15 x 5 inches, and it’s probably my favorite of the felted totes that I’ve created.  I was in love with the colors and striped them around the top and to make the flat bottom.  Anyway, their listings had expired from my store, and I had to relist them, so now they’re both available on  How hard is it to sell stuff that isn’t even listed?  So…big thanks, Mary Z!

Now for the four things lists that Tut-tut tagged me with..

4 movies I’d watch again:  Moonstruck (with Cher and Nicholas Cage), Juno, The Empire Strikes Back (I’ve alredy watched it 10 times), Monster’s Ball (Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton)

4 TV shows I watch with regularity:  NCIS, Today Show (can you get more regular than every day?), the Ellen Show (for things like this– and because the marshmallow game just makes me scream) , and reruns of Murder She Wrote.

4 places I’ve been:  Meridian, Mississippi; Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Opp, Alabama

4 things I like to eat:  avocados, Greek strained yogurt (current obsession), home-baked bread, tomatoes (lifelong love)

4 places I’d rather be:  swimming, baking bread, at a Vance Gilbert concert,  and Seaside, FL without my sun sensitivity)

4 places I’ve lived:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Stuttgart, Germany; Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri; Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Okay, the people have to bathe now.



5 Responses

  1. We used to land at Andalusia-Opp Municipal Airport with regularity. Super place.

  2. Love the felted bags!!!!!

  3. Happy to be of service!

    Let’s see – I’ve been to Honey Grove, Texas; Crown Point, New Mexico; Chinle, Arizona, and Prairie Plains, Tennessee.

  4. My neighbors went to a wedding in Opp last weekend. I’m feeling left out. If I’ve been there, I don’t remember. I guess I’ll have to go take a virtual tour, if they have one. 🙂
    I have only lived in 4 places, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Corryton, Knoxville.
    Places I have visited, Hawaii, London, Dearborn Michigan, Meaford Ontario.
    I’d like to go back to London.
    And I’m trying not to think of what is in my fridge. Nothing terribly healthy, I’m sure.

  5. Juno; a great movie! did you see her in another movie, Hard Candy? Quite a different kettle of fish, so to say.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Angela showed off her lined purse, which looks great, and has started a scarf.

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