Med Withdrawal, Part II

I woke this morning feeling like a burglar snuck (one of my favorite nonwords!) into my room and beat the crap out of me.  I have that flu-like feeling, where every muscle hurts, from the teeniest one in your face to the big leg ones.  You know, the quads.  Yes, I still remember my medical terminology, but is it necessary?  You get the idea.  My doc warned me about this.  It’s that medication withdrawal, part two.  He said you could get a flu-like syndrome, feeling feverish and achy.  When we talked yesterday he said this probably wouldn’t last more than two months.  I didn’t go through the phone and choke the life out of him because I really love him and know that he didn’t start this medicine anticipating that I would have to go through this at the end.  Or did he?  Grrrrr.  Pain makes you think mean thoughts.  And guess what?!  Part two doesn’t mean part one-the buzzy things rolling around in your brain-is over.  It is added on.  Sadly enough, part two isn’t made one bit better by gnawing the ears off your dark chocolate Easter bunny, so I’ve been taking Tylenol every six hours and  moving very, very, very slowly. 

On the upside, I had a great extended phone conversation with my across-the-street neighbor today.  We caught up on all kinds of gossip and news and I feel a little more connected to my neighborhood again.  After that, another friend with an autoimmune disorder called me and we commiserated and talked children for a while.  I’m actually finding more nerve to reach out and call people and schedule get-together time.  Every time I start thinking “Hey, I’m cool,  I’m a loner, I can exist without a lot of human contact,” I have to remind myself that I’m too old and experienced to be lying to myself. 

I have a dilemma.  My family is having a family reunion in a large nearby city this summer.  Hmm, is there a need for secrecy?  We are not exactly the Mafia.  We’ll be in Atlanta.  I found the hotel for us, and now I’m charged (by the higher and mightier sisters) with finding a place for us to have a dinner together the night after arrival.  This has always been our time to see everyone in the same place and have a bit of a business meeting (okay, pick the place for the next reunion) and eat a lot.  I really, really want to see us have good food.  I cannot stand for this place to be another Golden Corral or (insert any Chinese restaurant name) buffet.  We are a family with mostly comfortable, middle-class lives, but we are cheapskates about our food.  I have to convince everyone that $30 is not too much to pay for a meal in a beautiful restaurant in a large city, a restaurant that has good reviews and doesn’t serve chicken fingers.   Pray for me, y’all.  Pray mightily.  ‘Cause I am not driving to Atlanta to eat at the Golden Corral. 

Since the fingers are part of the every-muscle-hurting syndrome, I had to choose something different to knit on today.  I’ve been wanting to make some small rugs, or mats, and I decided to get out one of my big hunks of Lambs Pride Burley Spun and start knitting it with some size 15 needles.  I don’t have to hold onto anything very tightly, and it shouldn’t take me all year to produce something I like.  I will finish it by felting it.  I have used this in the past to make some rather interesting pieces, including a tote bag that evidently no one but me can really love. feltedredmexicanpursed.jpg  It’s been in my store all year.  I might have to take it into custody for personal use. 

See?  My rug will be a deep violet.  burlyspunpurpleruga.jpg  That color is so off, it’s reading blue.  I’ll stripe it with some colors that I haven’t chosen yet.  I have lots of Burly Spun. 

Tut-tut tagged me with some questions that I will answer tomorrow.  I know you’re all dying to know what movies I want to see again.  Meanwhile, I’m consuming diced canned organic tomatoes (low sodium), crumbles of herbed feta cheese, and a spoonful of Vegenaise.  Vegenaise is the vegetarian equivalent of Kraft mayonnaise, and it takes me back to my childhood.  My mom thought the way to make salad was to cut up lettuce and tomatoes together and cover them with mayonnaise.  On a fancy day, she’d add cucumbers.  Now that’s a Southern classic. 



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  1. I’m so sorry your doc decided to beat up on you. That REALLY wasn’t nice! Personally, I can’t imagine why anybody who lives in Tennessee hasn’t bought your Big-Orange bag. Obviously our daughter has never seen it. When I get home from Houston (next week sometime?), I’ll check it out (is it on-line?) and send her the link.

    Very gentle hugs!

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