Forget Yesterday Already

I would be blogging tonight even if I had nothing to say.  I couldn’t stand to open and see the “Awful” headline from yesterday.  I like to let the bad days go and focus on today.  So, with a slice of Niedlov’s bread to munch on, I’m here to attest that today was much better.  A few notables:

Had a long phone conversation tonight with someone I am happy to be getting to know.  We go back to high school, but as so often happens, didn’t really know each other then.  It’s interesting to me that there are always more people to know.  I hope that will persist throughout my life, that I never say “There are enough people in my circle” and turn down a chance for a good conversation or fulfilling friendship. 

I received a 3 a.m. phone call from my daughter, who needed a pep talk to help find the energy to finish two (TWO?!) papers that were due today.  I stayed awake for remote online company, knitting on another chemocap and getting an early start on chores.

Oh yeah, chores.  Chronic illness and chores are not great bedfellows.  I have let whatever standards I had (my mother would say “None”) slip drastically.  Basically I settle for clean, not often pushing for neat.  I live in a two story house and I rarely see the upstairs.  Downstairs I do the immediate stuff, like laundry and dishes and keeping the kitchen clean.  I am a fiend about a clean kitchen.  I have four hours of weekly help with the heavy tasks like running the vacuum and cleaning bathrooms and mopping the floors.  I bartered for this help four years ago, and when our agreement runs out I’ll either figure out how to make another deal or move to one of those 400 square foot efficiency apartments that you see on HGTV decorating shows set in NYC.  I’m always a little jealous of those people until I think about where they store their yarn. 

That reminds me.  I sent off the contract product today.  I wasn’t exactly singing the Hallelujah Chorus in the car, but those little buzzy things in my head were playing it.  Yippee!  I’m knitting my own stuff again!  If it’s ugly, bizarre, unfashionable or ill-fitting, it’s still mine! 

Holy Cow, there’s something on my social calendar for tomorrow.  I’m meeting a friend for lunch so we can discuss why we should have sent our daughters to (a) a convent, (b) trade school, or (c) volunteer in a remote South Pacific island with no sorority fees.  Well I am just the diva of Chattanooga society!  A lunch date. 

Better rest up.



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