Today Was Awful!

This is not the tone I wanted to set here, in this space.  But today, it is what I’ve got.  I have been in a foul mood.  Some of it is the stress of finishing the big project I’ve been knitting, which I cannot show here yet.  I finished it today, the last stitch, the last hit of steam, everything.  But by then my back was hurting so bad and my feet and the rest of me were shot and I just felt like nothing could soothe any part of my hurts. 

Another piece of the bad mood was a phone call from a distant person, asking for a favor.  I was totally pissed when I realized that this person never calls without wanting something.  Time to block those calls.  Sometimes I wish I could go back to my residency days, when I would meet people and tell them I sold shoes in Bamberger’s.  I never let on that I was a doctor until I knew the person better.  This call was a prescription request from someone who never wants to keep an appointment with their own doc, then gets all indignant when their doc won’t call in medicines.  Boooo.  Very bad form. 

I read an article about the rising incidence of autoimmune disorders in the developed world.  All bad news.  Wonder if I can throw some stuff out of my “barrel” of toxic, predisposing factors.  Here it is: .  Frankly, reading the interview with a woman with lupus just struck too many chords, and I was bawling by the time I finished the article.  But it’s the stuff we need to know, because the prevalence of autoimmune disorders is unbelievable, higher than breast cancer in women, higher than cardiovascular disease in women!  I remember that big ol’ breast cancer walk last fall, and the following week our little group of 200 walking to raise money for lupus research.  Nobody knows.

I made scrambled tofu with mushrooms for dinner, laboriously stirring while I ate broccoli from the microwave bag.  It was late.  Then I had four of those cool individually wrapped prunes.  Aaagh.  If I showed a photo of my meal it would regress the cause of vegetarianism by centuries.  It tasted good. 

My daughter called at 9 to remind me that Jon and Kate Plus Eight was showing.  It got my second laugh of the day.  The first was when House said that removing the eye of an autistic child would mean he only half avoided eye contact.  See?  Not a good day.



4 Responses

  1. wow. Those numbers are pretty sobering. The sad part is that if the increase in autoimmune disorders is due to a toxin we’ve introduced into our food supply or our environment, we will likely never be able to figure it out now. It’s too complex a system, and it’s not amenable to model systems (i.e. you can’t grow a normal immune system in culture and throw stuff at it to see what causes it to go haywire).

    Incidentally, I grew up in the rural west.. Wyoming, the San Juan islands in Washington State, Alaska, and had no problems until I moved to my current abode in the land of pollution, imported canadian garbage (as well as plenty of our own garbage) and urban decay. Certainly not evidence for a causal relationship, but kinda makes you think..

  2. PS Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  3. Sorry you’ve had such a bad day. I hope today is a better one.

    Thanks for the link to the article. I’m going to pass it on to two friends who have children with Crohn’s. Since my father and sister had autoimmune diseases, it’s been a concern of mine for years. Thanks for the spotlight.

  4. oh, that’s where my bad mood from yesterday went – it moved in with you! i really thought the gene pool was going to loose some of its members yesterday. Violently. hope your mood moves on soon too!

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