Easter Weekend

The daughter decided to stay at school and enjoy her friends.  “We never do much for Easter, Mom.”  I bought lamb and brussel sprouts and fizzy water for myself.  An Easter feast.  Contemplated a pie.  Planned for knitting group.  This morning, taking out the trash, I discovered the son’s car.  I yelled out his name a dozen times, so happy to see him.  He came in at 1 a.m. and Lucy didn’t give him away.  Grandparents invited us to lunch tomorrow, so early service then we’ll enjoy while everyone else is in church.  Those who don’t go to church will be watching the NCAA tournament, so lunch should be peaceful. I showed off my new hair at knitting group.  Oddly enough, I feel like I have hair now.  I can run my fingers through it, see it around my face when I look in the mirror.  The overgrown shoulder-length hair stayed in a ponytail.  I’m looking in the mirror more often now.  There’s no straightening, no fake color, just my hair, the way it should be.  “Authentic”, the younger folk would say.  I was so proud I took the photo of myself with my phone, then taught myself how to upload it to the computer.  Whoohoo!  I can do something my kids can’t do! 

Knitting group was good!  There was a nice, cozy core representation, and the fun of meeting Mary Z face to face.  Not to mention sourdough toast.  I’m adding inches to the back of the red mistake-rib cardigan, mulling over the possibility of making an eyelet yoke.  Probably won’t do the yoke thing.  I like the idea of the fronts and back cascading loosely with that mistake rib fanning out.  Now that I can make steady progress on the back, I should have the body ready for some photos in two days at most.   A_ made a great suggestion about the sleeves, kind of a short bell-shape.  I’m putting them together in my head as we speak. 

Yesterday I realized Camp Stitches in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is only two months away.  I went on a scramble to find airline tickets.  Who knew you couldn’t fly into Santa Fe?  I was momentarily panicked.  Whew.  We’ll land in Albuquerque.  Looks like there will be enough southwest stuff (read silver and turquoise) for sale in the airport to keep us busy until the shuttle comes.   Now I’m feeling the pressure.  I desperately want to be healthy for the trip.  Please, little B-cells, stay away.  It will be so close to the end of the supposed duration of this treatment.  I don’t want to be diving into a flare as I embark on this adventure.

It’s 9:28 p.m. EST.  I rented Gone Baby Gone and watched it.  Casey Affleck was phenomenal, but it will take eighty million hours of design tv to erase the dark feeling from that movie.  And some therapeutic knitting.



3 Responses

  1. How great to get to meet you, Essie. No strangers here!

    And you’re getting to go to Santa Fe for the first time. We’ve been there a number of times, and just love it. I know the knitting will be great, and I loved the pictures from the Lacis Museum exhibit. But, even outside of knitting, there is SO much to see and do in Santa Fe. Wonderful museums. We love Georgia O’Keeffe, and her museum there is top-notch. Just walking around the square and checking out what the vendors are selling is an experience. Be sure to check out the New Mexico cuisine – anything with chili verde will be special.

    How long will you be there? We’ll be wishing you to be feeling your best for the whole time.

  2. What a wonderful surprise seeing your son! Those are the best surprises aren’t they? You will love Santa Fe. The Mercada is wonderful. My girlfriend visited a group of very, very old churches. There was one that had a staircase crafted by a transient carpenter. They said the staircase defies all engineering logic and was impossible to have been made the way it was. They believe it was a miracle of some sort. I’m not sure how the story goes. If you are interested I could ask my girlfriend.

  3. TV cooking is pretty good for getting rid of that dark feeling, too.

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