Lucy Speaks

lucyunderdesk.jpgessie can’t write today.  she is very busy.  she is finishing a sweater that she has been working on for too long, as far as i am concerned.  when she works on this sweater she takes it to her bed and she won’t let me come on the bed because she is keeping me away from the sweater.  i told her my brown footprints from the backyard mud would look good on the white sweater, but she doesn’t think so.  grrr.  if she didn’t let me run out through the garage and have a good trot around the neighborhood this afternoon, i would be really mad.  when i’m mad i lay on my stomach and put my snout on the floor.  i make sure i don’t look at the people i’m mad at. 

when essie is finishing some knitted thing, she gets very obsessed with it.  she stays up late working on it and she puts all her other knitting stuff down and she doesn’t play with me enough.  did i mention that she’s not letting me on the bed?

i thought i would write while she isn’t using her computer.  i know she talks about me and puts my picture on here, but i never get to pick the photo.  i can find some now.

 this is a picture of me under the desk in my newest hang-out.  i have pillows and a blanket so i can curl up here.  i never sit on anything hard.  in the kitchen i have to sit on the mat in front of the refrigerator or the mat in front of the sink.  my butt is tender.  sorry that the picture is kind of blurry.  i had to set the timer myself and run fast to pose.


you better blow it up big so you can see me.  i have a little mud on my tummy today but that doesn’t diminish my charm.

this next picture is me with my toy.  my favorite way to play with toys is to bite a little slit in them and pull all the stuffing out.  this orange toy has been flat for a long time, and i can shake it in my teeth.  essie never lets me keep the fluff.  grr.


oh no essie is coming.  i gotta get back in my mad position.  bye human people.


4 Responses

  1. I know another dog who likes to pull out all the stuffing. You’d better have a conversation with Roxanne . . .

  2. 🙂 What kind of dog is lucy, and how old is she?

  3. It’s great you gave her human words to express herself. After all she is a fur-person! I love it! I had a white toy poodle who lived for 18 years and he was a wonderful fur-person and member of our family. I have a special place in my heart for dogs. They are always happy to see you and love you even when you have bad breath, looking crazy, overweight, crying, happy and you know all about it. That was so cute to read your blog for today! You never cease to amaze me Essie! Happy Knitting!
    Tottle-loo! Bye-bye!

  4. The Easter Bunny is fresh from vacationing, and perhaps a new buddy giraffe is on the way!

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