Knitting a Banner

Last night an Auburn University coed was shot and killed.  She was a freshman from Georgia, in the same sorority as my daughter, although a different chapter.  News of a tragedy like this travels fast, especially through a national organization, and my daughter called today to tell me about it.  I listened to her for a while, trying to gauge her levels of anxiety and sadness.  She is a wonderfully social person who feels the connection to her peers very intensely, with strong reactions over even distant occurrences. 

As a parent, my sadness was tinged with alarm.  I went through the exercise of comforting myself with a recitation of the differences in my daughter and her situation and that of the poor dead child.  I thought about the odds of repeat episodes, and the exponentially greater likelihood of injury from motor vehicle accidents.  My thoughts went to my friend whose daughter attends Auburn, and the tremendous worry that she must have over her daughter’s safety and exposure to this horror.  In the end, I was back to my ongoing struggle with America’s love affair with firearms, especially handguns.  I have never understood the blanket right of a person to own a tool whose sole purpose is killing.  I cannot reconcile this with any so-called liberty.  The statistics speak for themselves, that these tools for killing, even when purchased with an eye toward personal protection, are more often used for offense than defense.  It sickens me to read the frequent stories of domestic murders, of children finding weapons and killing each other with them, of guns in the hands of the mentally ill, of guns carried for armed robberies-turned-assaults.  I am so over it. 

When something like this happens, I wonder what I’m doing, sitting in my home knitting pretty things for people to wear.  Would I do better to take my heartiest yarn, that tough, water-repellent Lopi, and knit huge banners reminding people that life is precious?  Can I do something to make my voice stronger, my presence larger, my message more insistent?  Can I knit a gun to hold to someone’s head to make them listen?

Peace.  PEACE!!!


2 Responses

  1. Here is to sharing and spreading PEACE.

  2. I’m not completely anti-gun, I’m all for hunting (my brother was a subsistence hunter for a while), but I’m all for gun control. Any firearm should be registered, there should be qualifications and disqualifications. I think concealed weapons are stupid. I also see no reason for people to own handguns or automatic weapons.

    I’m sorry for that young woman and her family. I’ll be thinking safe thoughts for you and your daughter.

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