Happy Dancing

I’ve been doing the happy dance all day.  I got an official Chattanooga Market email this morning saying the Market will not close, but will open as usual on April 27 under new ownership and management.  The new owner, Chris Thomas, is the founder of Palo Duro Records (http://www.palodurorecords.com/) and seems to be very committed to promoting both music and art.  Incidentally, Palo Duro Records is the company sponsoring the first Chattahippie Festival for four days in September 2008.  Tickets went on sale March 1 and the first batch of 500 VIP seats is already sold out.  I’ll settle for a plain old hippie-on-a-blanket ticket.  At $30, it’s a deal.   The new owner will run the Chattanooga Market as a nonprofit.  It seems the Market has not consistently generated enough revenue to support an owner.  It’s not hard to see why.  The Market’s attendance has been inconsistent.  It suffers from being in an isolated location, without other attractions close by.  Nevertheless, the current location has some tremendous benefits, including being covered and paved, having huge bathrooms, lots of parking, and safety.  I’ll be happy to return to the Market, and hope to see many of the people I met there last year. 

If you want the official word on this, check out today’s articles at http://www.chattanoogan.com/ and http://www.timesfreepress.com/

This is not the only reason for today’s Happy Dance.  I had a good weekend visit from my last host son, now a senior boarding student at the big local prep school.  He announced Friday that he had a plan for Saturday dinner.  He checked out my spices in the lazy susan and went through the freezer, then told me he was cooking a Morrocan dinner.  He made out a shopping list, purchased some goodies like fresh herbs and Greek yogurt, and started his prep Saturday afternoon.  In the end, I was served boneless chicken thighs marinated in Greek yogurt and purple onion, spiced with fresh dill, cardamom, curry, cinnamon, and coriander, then sauteed in extra virgin olive oil.  Accompanying the chicken was whole wheat couscous with raisins, and a cucumber-tomato salad with fresh dill and mint and an agave-vinegar dressing.  I can’t tell you how good this was!  I actually laughed out loud when the animal came to beg-no way was I giving up even a smell of my dinner. 

Actually, I should be happy-dancing about the animal.  This week she and I tried something new.  When the weather is nice and I want to let some fresh air in, I leave the back door open a bit.  She can go in and out at will.  If she starts barking loudly, I can stay in my chair and yell “Lucy, get in here” and she’ll come running.  She sits at my feet for a while, then starts edging toward the door.  If I say she must stay in, she stays.  Dachshunds are so stubborn.  It only took seven years to get to this point.  I felt kind of superior as my next-door neighbor apologized for the racket his two dogs were making.  Silly giggles…

For a while today, my fingers got tired of knitting the cotton sample.  The purl rows of the stockinette stitch were the toughest.  I discovered that I can turn my needles around so that the active needle is in my left hand, and do perfect purl stitch with the needles backwards.  That works different fingers and gives my hands a rest.  Cool!  Knowing more than one way to do something can pay off big-time.  I’m just telling the few of you very quietly, because someone is going to blast me and make a long comment about how un-knitterly this is.  I say survival is never un-knitterly. 



3 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to see you at the market…
    I still don’t know how to cast on…..

  2. That sounds like good eats, the Morrocan chow. I used to live down the street from an Ethiopian joint in Tempe and bought from there, but only once, and sometimes my mom (you don’t know her, she’s Canadian) made this Ethiopian chicken from a recipe from an Ethiopian friend. Foreign foods offer such taste explosions.

  3. That’s me (above)… was logged into my wordpress account…oops

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