God Knits, or At Least Provides the Tools

Praise to the Lord, who saw that we needed more than one kind of knitting needle.  I think I’m becoming a Utilitarian, a religion jokingly described by my favorite folk singer, Vance Gilbert.  In one of his monologues, he describes going to church and hearing the sexton read from a radial saw manual “He mounted the blade…and it was good…”  Today I took a page from the Utilitarian church and made a trip to Michaels.  I needed metal knitting needles.  I found them, and they were good.You see, I have been knitting this sample sweater from mercerized cotton (a very nice one).  I have to use size 3 needles to make the gauge, and that’s working rather tightly.  I finally realized that my bamboo needles were just too cozy, hugging that yarn and making me sweat to move it up and down the needle.  I knitted most of the back of the piece in this fashion before I was touched by a vision of slippery metal needles.  Today I drove past Wal-Mart again, 10 miles to the mall, grabbed two pairs of size 3 metal 14-inchers, and drove 10 miles back home.  I have finished working on that piece for today, and I can testify that it was soooooo much easier working with the metal needles.  A secondary benefit was that I am now holding more than 9 inches of pretty heavy sweater (including part of the sleeves), and the metal needle doesn’t bend under that weight.  I am following instructions to the letter, so I haven’t tried to slip in a circular needle. I know that might result in unevenness in the stitches, and it would show in this pattern.  Thanks be to God.

I talked to God about some other things today.  I asked for the time to spring break to pass quickly, because I miss my daughter.  I discussed making a similar med change to the one that allowed my sister to lose 40+ pounds.  I talked about a little extra energy for straightening up the kitchen.  I said some thank-yous for my big, deep bathtub and for walking through Michaels without back pain.  Add your own intentions.

The sister who visited Sunday brought me a large bottle of amazing bath salts.  They have lots of magnesium (like Epsom Salts), and are scented with eucalyptus and vanilla, an unlikely but interesting combination.  They were part of a wonderful, relaxing bath this morning, and I do seem to have fewer of my normal aches and pains today.  I think I’ll forego my night-time knitting and read instead.  I forget that relaxation is an acceptable option.  Amen.



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