Hush, Hillary

Yesterday Hillary Clinton got loud and indignant about Barack Obama’s campaign mailings in Ohio.  In my personal experience, it isn’t good to be loud and indignant when you are factually wrong.  Her campaign policy has been that health insurance will be mandated, that everyone will be required to purchase health insurance.  Yes, there will be some subsidies for low-income people, but there’s still bound to be a goodly number of people who just can’t figure out where it’s going to fit into their minimum-wage budget without selling a kid or going hungry twice a week.  What will we do, put them in jail for refusing to buy health insurance?  A great place to look for comparison of the candidates on the issues is

“If the Democrats can’t landslide Republicans this year, they ought to just…close down.”  Point taken.  But guess who said that?  Ralph Nader, on Meet the Press, as he is announcing that he will once again (third time) run for president.  If that is the case, why is he running?  He claims that his positions are the positions of the majority of Americans, but he’s never been able to get more than a statistical handful of them to vote for him.  Yes, he’s fighting a two-party system, but Americans are not ignorant or self-defeating.  If we feel that we can get what we want, we will go after it.  His candidacy will be a call-to-arms for Democrats to make sure they get out their voice and their vote, and don’t allow a situation like the narrow Bush/Gore election again. 

Oops.  I believe I’ve been accidentally political.  Time to start knitting my Obama tote bag.



3 Responses

  1. You should check on U-tube…video of Obama defending why he refuses to wear the American Flag pin….and one of him standing like an idiot while the National Anthem plays. I’m sorry but you might not agree with the government but love your country and the flag is a symbol of this country. I still well up in tears when I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

  2. I need an Obama tote bag, too; maybe we can make a few and sell them on Saturday!

    I was half-listening to Ralph Nader this morning; he is right, on a lot of points.

  3. I think we should watch a little less video, and actually read up on what people do, say, and believe. Sometimes even politicians well up in tears quite a bit, but actually do not a thing to improve the nation. I think back to lovely Germany of the 1940’s, where people outclassed themselves in dramatic displays of patriotism. And Hitler was a big one for using imagery to move the masses.

    Obama has explained his desire for action over symbolism, although I do think it would be nice if he did both.

    Symbols can often be used and abused, and a stand in for substance, appealing to emotion over logic.

    As to Nader, I am disappointed. You have candidates like him (or Ross Perot in the past), who are unwilling to do the hard daily work of working within the system. They don’t try to be mayors or governors or senators, but want to parachute in at the last minute to the highest position, and with ideas that are obviously lacking in majority support. All they manage to do is tip elections (to Clinton in 1992 when Perot entered) and to Bush (when Nader entered and Gore was the candidate).

    I think Hillary is burning every village (the same village it takes to raise a family, in theory) in her scorched earth campaign.

    And true, Hillary was soooo factually wrong about the Ohio mailings.

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