Mango Pie and Berroco Cardigan

I should be updating the knitting still further, but first there are things on my mind.  Like mango pie.  I didn’t mention yesterday that I actually made mango pie.  It turned out to be much more mango and much less cream than the pie I had in Athens (yes, that’s Georgia).  I love it.  I took 2 cups of defrosted mango cubes and whizzed them in the food processor until they were pretty slushy.  Then I added a couple tablespoons of gel-maker (the Kosher stuff you use if you don’t want to use Knox gelatin), and 3/4 cup of soy milk (which could also be regular milk or even cream, if you want to go there), and about 1/2 cup of sugar.  After I whizzed them together, I dumped them into a frozen whole-wheat pie crust.  I baked it on 375 degrees (a made-up temperature because I was just trying, you know) for about 50 minutes.  Totally delicious.  I’m saving a couple slices because my sister is eating here tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s sister is a conundrum.  Sometimes we don’t understand each other at all.  I think it’s because she overthinks things.  I will answer any question anyone asks me with a straight answer, but she doesn’t ask me questions until she’s thought too hard.  By then, it’s like:  “Essie, do you remember what motivated you to paint pink hearts on my Valentine in 1988?” and I’m trying to act like I (a) remember and (b) give a damn.  But we’ll have fun tomorrow because we do have some common interests.  She has the best voice in the family.  I used to sit by her in church so I could hear her soprano.  She was a choir all by herself. 


When someone is coming to visit, I tend to overcompensate for my physical state and try to show how competent I am.  She told me she was coming and I immediately offered to feed her lunch.  Of course it can’t be a peanut butter sandwich, even though I have wonderful Niedlov’s artisanal raisin oatmeal bread to spread it on.  So I’ve been to the grocery store to pick up some chicken, and spent an hour at Martha’s place looking for something interesting to do with it.  It’s gonna be ginger and peaches and onion and chicken and some mixed brown/wild rice or maybe I’ll do the creamy grits like I had in Athens.  They would be great with the peaches, etc.  This is a very simple, one step recipe, so hopefully I’m not going too far out on the self-imposed limb this time.   Hmm.  Sweet peaches, then mango pie.  Will that be okay?  Maybe she’ll give up the pie and let me have her piece.  Naaaah. 


I started my front neck shaping on the red cardigan today, and I’m well on my way to the shoulder.  Obviously I’m making it to fit me.  When I’m finished, I will give specific instructions for cutting it down to Barbie size.  The front neckline will be a flattering V because I watch Stacey and Clinton on What Not to Wear and because I hate things rubbing against my trachea.  I figured this out about the mistake rib.  When you are deciding what stitch you’re on (of the knit2, purl2), look for the big central knit stitch V that sticks out-that’s where the first knit stitch (of knit2) goes.  I had fun keeping the pattern lined up properly while I decreased stitches for the V-neck.  I began when I had knitted about 13.5 inches, all mistake rib. 


Decrease rows: 

Row 1 (wrong side):  K2tog,purl2tog,*(K2,P2)  repeat from * to end of row. 

Row 2 (right side):  (K2,P2) repeat to end of row.

Row 3:  K2 tog, purl 2 tog, *(P2,K2)  repeat from * to end of row.

Row 4:  (K2, P2) repeat to end of row.

Repeat rows 1-4 a total of three times, leaving 12 fewer stitches than you began with.  Then continue knitting the pattern straight until you’ve reached the desired length to mid-shoulder.  I got so excited about this sweater after measuring and writing the above instructions that I just picked it up and started knitting, and forgot to publish the blog.  Here we go!



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