Travel Notes

First, the food.  Food in Athens, Georgia, is generally good.  In addition to the expected college town fast food, there are a wealth of restaurants with more varied fare, many of which deliver into the wee hours of the morning.  Better still are a nice selection of excellent restaurants with fine fare.  One of my favorites is the Last Resort Grill (  It has an interesting history, having been a venue for some well-known musicians for many years before it was closed.  It reopened as a restaurant a few years ago, and has a cozy atmosphere with friendly, capable but not stuffy wait staff.  They try to feature local ingredients and it’s obvious in their selection of vegetables.  Fresh seafood is also a regular offering, and I’ve never had a badly prepared seafood dish there.  Their crabcakes (an appetizer that my daughter persistently goes for) are fabulous, with bigchunks of crabmeat and not so much dressing.  I had yummy black bean crepes with a dollop of sour cream on top, surrounded by a corn sauce.  That was followed by tilapia baked in a parchment shell, layered on thin slices of Yukon gold potatoes and spinach.  It was accompanied by beautiful, ruffly kale leaves, tender and well-seasoned, and a serving of grits prepared with cream and butter.  Heavenly! 


There were no complaints from any of my companions, my daughter and two of her friends, just lots of sharing and bragging on the various dishes.  We all ate too well to have dessert there, so we took our various slices of cake (Kahlua-chocolate and tres leche were two examples) to go.  The check at Last Resort Grill always surprises me.  After looking at the prices of comparable meals in larger towns, I was pleased to see our total was only $91.00.  A deal for a birthday meal for four! 
One of my favorite delivery joints in Athens is Locos Grill & Pub (   I was pleasantly surprised to find mango pie on their menu, and I indulged in several slices during my visit.  It was a wonderfully smooth, creamy pie filling, not too sweet, with that distinctive mango flavor; a total first for me.  Now that I’ve found a source for frozen, diced mango, I’m an inch from putting some in a blender and trying to duplicate that pie filling. 
My favorite part of the trip was the time I spent with Dayna.  She knows that I usually have to have some down time after travel, even if it’s just a short driving trip.  For some reason a few hours on the road leaves me disproportionately fatigued, sore, and with leg swelling.  It takes a couple of days to recover, and she had no problem moving into my hotel and hanging out with me.  We logged lots of tv hours, including catching up on our Project Runway.  We were so cheered to see Christian and Chris and Jillian and Rami make the finals.  Of course Chris and Rami still have to duke it out with their collections.  I watched her construct a paper from the first draft to the final, and learned a lot about Lord of the Rings in the process.  I read it a million years ago, but never studied it.  So cool!   
My least favorite time is always saying “Good-bye”.  I hate parting from my child.  She is a part of me and I feel the tearing loose every single time.  I cried my way down Broad Street but it fit right in with the rainy weather.  I needed my windshield wipers the entire trip home.  I deliberately chose music that would feel like company.  The singers that I listened to were familiar and homey.  Vance Gilbert was first, an African-American folk singer (yeah, there’s such a thing…) who has lots of fun dialogue in his live performances.  I listened to my favorite songs over and over, a luxury you only have when you are alone.  Midway through the trip I switched to Take 6, the best a capella group in America.  They are all male, and have sung together since they were students at Oakwood College, an SDA school in Huntsville.  Their music is incredible.  I love to pick a part and sing along, but since I can’t really keep up with their sophisticated, tight harmonies, I can only do it when I’m alone.  So I turned alone into a good thing today. 
I’m not alone now.  The animal is somewhere in the house.  In the process of picking her up from her vet where she was boarding, I lost my car keys.  I had an exhausting half-hour of searching the waiting room and my car.  Used up all my carefully planned-out spoons.  I’ll be fit for nothing tomorrow.   
I’m going to knit.

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  1. Athen’s Georgia?!? I thought you meant Athen’s Tennessee. Anyway, nice blog. I will ad you to my feed.

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