Miscellaneous and Migraine Start with M

I have a migraine this evening.  I’ve taken some medication that dulled the pain a little, but it still feels like thinking too hard might ramp it up again.  That means I won’t be writing any masterpieces tonight.  I won’t even attempt bad rap lyrics.  I’m going to make this miscellany night. 

My birthday is coming.  I look forward to spending it with my daughter.  I’m not sure about the logistics yet, but I do know I’ll be 51 and happy about it. 
Today is Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure that matters one bit.  The romance in my life is zero right now.  Actually, I’m not sure I care that it is zero.  Have to reconsider this without the migraine.  I keep an eHarmony account out of habit, sort of like buying lottery tickets.  That way, if God wants to send me a blessing she has an easy way to do it. 
I got my exercise at the grocery store today.  I wanted to make an easy recipe that came from Dr. Weil’s optimum health plan.  I get emails about the plan about seventeen times a day.  I read the health tips and recipes, but I won’t sign up for the plan because it costs money.  At the store I searched for a jar of pesto sauce, a can of cannellini beans, and a jar of roasted red peppers.  Only the beans were easy to find.  I already had garlic at home, so I didn’t have to hunt for it.  Ironically, the recipe only took ten minutes to prepare, but the ingredients took a 30-minute search of the Bi-Lo.  I don’t ask clerks for help with things like roasted bell pepper and pesto sauce.  They usually don’t recognize those things as food, much less know what aisle they’re on.  For the recipe, you heat the can of beans with 1/2 cup of peppers and two chopped garlic cloves (four for me).  Then you stir in 2 tablespoons of pesto.  It’s delicious. 
I have a tiny, high-pitched tinnitus.  That’s ringing in the ears.  I cut off the television and all the lights in my bedroom.  I could still hear it so I cut off the ceiling fan.  Finally I walked out of my room and realized I was taking the ringing with me.  It’s part of the migraine.  I’m typing in the dark but I don’t need to be.  It’s enough light unless I decide to knit some more. 
I woke this morning with a stiff, sore right arm.  See, people don’t realize that with knitting you are performing a vigorous activity, enough that you can get repetitive motion injuries like tendinitis and sore joints.  I knit for hours most days because it is what I do, not just a hobby or past-time.  Fortunately when I began knitting in earnest two years ago I taught myself Continental knitting.  I hold the yarn in my left hand and just maneuver the right needle under or over it to grab a new stitch, rather than making that elaborate throwing motion with the right hand to wrap the yarn around the needle.  It is more efficient and less likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  That’s how Europeans knit, with the exception of the English, who knit “English” style (throwing the yarn), and many Americans have learned English as well. 
Yesterday something happened that was very satisfying.  I opened my Knitter’s  Review from February 14, 2008, and I was staring at a sweet little white vest that was knit by me last fall.  The ad campaign that it was intended for has begun, and the item is being shown on elann.com, complete with my name in the credits as the knitter.  I’m excited for two reasons:  one, it’s a bit of proof that I’m actually doing more than dabbling in knitting, and two, it means I can now purchase some of the yarn that I used for that piece.  I am a nut for eco-friendly materials, and that yarn is a soft, easy to handle 35/65 combo of bamboo and superwash wool.  I truly enjoyed knitting the sample and I’m happy to see that the yarn is available in umpteen colors.  It’s going to be in my stash before the month is over.  (Happy birthday to me?!)
See, I’m forgetting and it’s the fault of this migraine!  I’m laughing (very quietly and without moving my head) because I started on the arm to say that I had every intention of not knitting at all today.  My arm was on rest, complete with heating pad and Aspercreme.  This afternoon it felt a great deal improved and I missed my knitting so I put in some time on the new sample and on the secret sock.  I’m happy I didn’t go a day without knitting.  I feel like an athlete, taking care of my knitting arm. 
Holy cow, I went to elann.com just now to get the name of the yarn I was describing (Superwash Bamboo, duh), and my item comes up right there!  Go to http://www.elann.com/ and see for yourself!  WOW!  wow.  Those are the first cables I ever knit.

3 Responses

  1. I hope the migraine breaks and you feel better soon. I’m humbled by how well you handle physical ills. I’m a big sissy. I’ve had my share of migraines so I sympathize with you. There was a period of time I found myself at the hospital or doctor’s office for demoral (spelling?) and phenergan almost weekly. The shots made me sick to my stomach but the pain went away. I usually take immitrex if one is coming and that seems to help. Problem is I have a hard time distinguishing if the headache I’m getting is a migraine or from stress so I usually error on the side of caution and take the pill anyway. They are so expensive I hate to waste them.

    Take care….get well soon…..

  2. Sorry about the migraines…they are the pits. I have not had one in years. Does vitamine B12 help? I take the B 50 daily. You are the doctor and patient, don’t suffer. I admire how well you deal with pain. I want no pain and can only last for a short time. When having the babies I knew that it would stop and could handle it with out meds. The other pains I always need help and with the cancer I told my children if the meds did not do it they would have to get me the plant…others say helps them…they both laughed but I’m serious!
    What more can I say about you…I’m amazed…Tottle-loo-bye-bye

  3. favorited this one, guy

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