The Short Walks

Sometimes I am frustrated by the tiny scale I’ve had to use to measure my progress.  Today I took “a walk”.  I put the animal on a leash, went out of the garage, down the driveway, across the street and back to the mailbox.  Then I took the sidewalk around to the front porch and back, ending at the garage.  The cool part was standing in the driveway, saying “Hello” to the neighbor’s child as she whizzed past me in her Barbie convertible.  For several months I haven’t felt much a part of my neighborhood.  It’s a great place, and I’m happy to show my face outdoors and wave to people.  I’m making progress!

Today I put some hours into finishing the Gianna sweater.  (Gianna is the yarn, discontinued by South West Trading Company.)  I love it.  It is a child’s size 4, suitable for girl or boy, and it is just as soft and cozy as the yarn looks.  The soy and wool combination will wear well and be warm without being unduly heavy.  I knit it in the round from the bottom to the underarms, then knit half the stitches to make the back and half for the front.  It has a placket in the front that closes with one big button.  I dug through my button boxes for 30 minutes, trying to find the right button.  I don’t purchase buttons the way most people do.  I wait until a sewing store has a sale on buttons, then I get handfuls of reduced-price cards.  That way, I might get a set of four buttons for 25 cents.  I also find interesting buttons that are handmade, usually searching them out from Etsy stores.  Altogether, I used three skeins of green Gianna and barely over two skeins of blue.  In real prices (MSRP) this would have cost over $60, but my yarn cost was under $12.  If you follow sales online, you can knit for much less, using fabulous yarns. 

Talk, talk, talk.  Here’s the photos:


 You can see the ribbing (1×1) at the cuff and bottom. 

Pretty cool button, hmmm?  The placket is on the underside, making about an inch overlap where the top fronts come together.  I debated about putting buttons on the placket to button through the top layer, but decided on one large, more decorative button.  I thought it would be easier to fasten, and given the age of the child who will wear it, easy is desirable. 


 Wow, the day has passed, Law and Order is on, and Lucy is cuddled up next to me.  The pouring rain makes me want to sleep, but I also feel the need for a little sock time before I give in to it. 



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  1. That’s a cool sweater, and the choice of buttons was perfect!

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