I am feeling poorly.  I’m not about to white-eye, but I’m definitely not up to snuff.  Don’t you love those old colloquialisms?  I heard them a lot when I was in practice and I was glad that my mom had familiarized me with them as a child.  She was determined we would learn “proper English” but she also told lots of stories about the “olden days”, replete with the Southern language of the times. Anyway, I started into a sinus infection last night.  That’s not unusual.  I have more infections of all kinds, due to the immunosuppressive meds and the effects of the lupus.  I called in a three-dollar antibiotic this morning and started it, but I can see it’s going to be a yucky night-snotty, sore throat, stuffy night. 

I actually had a good, energetic day despite this.  (Hurray for killing those B-cells!)  After taking Lucy on a ride to her vet, a trip that requires a several-mile ride along a twisty, hilly road, I decided to head into town and see my parents.  It was sunny and cold, perfect for driving and seeing the sights.  I was so engrossed in the drive that I passed the turn to my destination, so I saw a few more sights than I intended. 

The parents were sitting in their family room, bundled up in layers of afghans, watching soap operas.  (Yes, their central heat works.  Matter of fact, it stays on about 77 degrees.)  I paraded Lucy in on her leash and she immediately drew their attention off of the romance between Heather and her stepfather’s daughter’s uncle’s husband.  Lucy was on her best behavior, laying in their arms, playing the loving baby.  She is shameless.  After a bit of chit-chat and more Lucy sharing, I climbed back in the car and headed home. 

I spent the remainder of the afternoon on my original sock design.  I am pleased with how it’s coming.  I’ve decided to start photographing midway through this first sock, then take early photos from the second sock.  I made a couple of false starts with this first one so it didn’t seem  prudent to start taking pictures until I was sure.  Now I know where the design is going.  I can’t say more about it right now.  I love having a secret! 

I’ve been sipping coffee from my  Senseo coffeemaker on and off.  The warmth and creaminess of that high-pressure brew feels wonderful on a sore throat.  It makes such a frothy cup that I think I need to pull a glass mug down from the top shelf so I can enjoy looking at it, too.  I’ve decided that my daughter needs a Senseo single-cup brewer for her room at the sorority house.  It’s interesting to be buying such a grown-up accessory for her.  I’m sure I just purchased her last doll six weeks ago.  She has always been an independent kid, capable of very adult thinking and conversation, but she continued to enjoy childhood activities for a long time.  I can’t believe she is old enough for voting and sororities and … coffee makers. 

If my maternal grandmother was here, she would be talking to my daughter about a career in entertainment.  She liked nothing better than watching her six grand-daughters sing and dance.  We would practice show tunes and Motown songs together so that we could perform for her on our summer visits.  She had the idea that someday one of her grand-daughters would sing with Johnny Mathis.  She watched shows like Ed Sullivan and Lawrence Welk so that she could see beautiful dancing and hear all her favorite singers. 

My grandmother would have loved the show I’m watching, Dance War:  Bruno vs. Carrie Ann.  The dancers are young, you get to learn a bit about their backgrounds and see some of their training, and they do show a nice variety of dance styles.  In the right mood, I can watch dance forever.  I received an announcement from the Fox in Atlanta that Alvin Ailey Dance Theater will be performing soon, and I was immediately tempted to purchase a ticket.  I’ve seen them before, in New York, and I know it will be a fabulous experience, but I wasn’t sure I’d be reliably healthy in time. 

Somehow, even though it’s my fingers that are “talking”, my throat feels the burden of producing all these words.  I’m going to say “good night” and give it a break. 



2 Responses

  1. I wore my socks today, the ones that Mom made for me. My feet haven’t been this warm since last summer. mmmmmmmm. Thank you for the courage to wear them! (smile)

    Stay warm, and get to feeling better – soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

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