Dancing Socks

Yes, these are socks suitable for dancing, but they happen to also be knit from Knitpick’s multicolored sock yarn, Dancing, which was discontinued last year.  It is pretty much the same yarn as their Risata, but Risata only comes in solid, rather somber colors.  Oh well.  I was lucky enough to get in on the Dancing bandwagon and purchase the fab colors that you see here. 


I began knitting these socks last week, just after I finished the Austermann socks.  I was so excited about knitting more socks that I got a little cocky.  Actually, I was downright arrogant.  What amateur thinks they can remember the Kitchener grafting process by heart after doing it twice, six months apart?  I totally screwed up the toe of the first sock, and then, adding insult to injury, I pulled my yarn through, weaved in the ends and declared it finished.  I showed it to some fellow knitters (how come women knitters are my “fellow” knitters?) and proclaimed that I was leaving it that way, since it would only be seen by me.  They were good, didn’t say a word. 


I proceeded with sock #2, trying to continue the good things I’ve learned thus far.  I knitted tightly, I made my heel flap the same number of rows as the number of stitches to pick up for the gusset, I knit into the back of the first row of gusset stitches to tighten them…and I went to the Knitty.com tutorial to graft it with Kitchener! 


 dancingsocksbothtoes.jpgThis is the good sock on the left, and the bad toe on the right.  See how the very end of the sock is flattened?  My faulty grafting resulted in a ridge that sticks out from the sock, instead of smoothly bringing the two edges together as though it has just been knit right across the seam. 



The photo above is the socks, almost finished, before I corrected the right toe.  Yes, they are upside down, but this is how they appear to me!  I could definitely use a photography partner!  And some lotion on the legs.  These socks are done in a 1 x 1 rib that I extended onto the instep so that it shows in my clear Converse All-Stars and in Mary-Jane type shoes. 


Of course I am proud!  There are some areas where it is worth being a perfectionist.  There was no deadline on the socks, or pressure to rush through them, and I might as well do a good job, one that I’m happy to show off.  Lo’ and behold, with one better sock in my hand, I felt the need to correct the bad toe on the first sock.  I found my little tail end, unknitted a few rows, and fixed the problem.  Right now, I remember the Kitchener by heart, because I’ve done it twice in the past hour.  Ask me tomorrow-who knows if I have enough white matter to remember it.  At least I know how to find it! 


Now I’m going to have myself a little blocking party.   I will wash both pairs of socks in lukewarm water without any agitation.  Then I will press out the excess water in a towel, taking care not to wring them.  I’ll put the damp socks on my feet to shape them, then take them off and lay them flat, in profile, on a dry towel, and allow them to dry that way. I’m so excited!  I now have three pairs of hand-knit socks in my wardrobe.  My next pair will be an original design, and that makes me excited, too!  Don’t worry, I’ll share. 




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