Austermann Socks



Something I intended to mention:  You may notice on some of the earlier photos that I used two different circular needles when knitting these socks.  I do that intentionally.  It is easier for me to keep track of knitting on one needle and then switching to the other if the two needles are different, so I used one Knitpicks Options needle (the pretty colored wooden one) and one Addi Turbo needle (the metal tipped one).  They were the same size and did not make an appreciable difference in the stitches. 

Anyway, these socks feel heavenly.  I’ve finished one of the Knitpicks Dancing socks, and am working on the cuff of the second.  My sock wardrobe is going to be awesome!  I have some time to fool with this because I just discovered that my sister-client doesn’t want her crocheted turtles for TWO YEARS! 



One Response

  1. The socks are gorgeous, and I was right! they don’t match! (grin) Just my style.

    What is next!?

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