(I Love My Computer) Repeat to End of Row

I haven’t had full use of my computer since Sunday morning, more than 60 hours ago.  I have been in full withdrawal.  Thank God for knitting, which has helped me maintain my sanity while totally unplugged from the world network.  I know every Comcast technician at the 800 number by name.  I’m sure they are participating in a collective groan of relief-it’s been 47 minutes since my last call. 


I keep phone numbers in my computer address files and in my cell phone.  When I dropped my cell phone in the bathtub last month and lost everyone, I didn’t worry, because they were duplicated in my computer.  For two days I’ve only been able to talk to people who called me, no choice in the matter, because I had no numbers of my own.  No one is listed anywhere any more.  What a pathetic, powerless position to have – the bottom of the telephone food chain.  Yikes.  I’ve gotta start writing some stuff down. 


This has been a pretty productive two days, when I wasn’t on the phone with Comcast.  I finished the second Austermann sock and it is gorgeous!  I love them, and I’m totally on a sock roll.  It’s so quick to finish a pair.  It’s exciting to be knitting for myself!  I couldn’t resist starting another pair as soon as I finished the Austermann, this time a Knitpicks Dancing mixture of bright pink, purple and periwinkle blue.  It’s a very stretchy yarn, composed of 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon, 7% elastic. 


We interrupt this rhapsody to announce that Barack Obama has been declared the winner of the Democratic primary in Georgia.  Major yippee!


Back to socks.  I find this yarn very easy to knit because the plies don’t separate.  I have whizzed through the cuff, heel and gusset and I’m working my way up the instep and sole, continuing a 1 x 1 rib.  I’ve tried it on (one of the benefits of using two circulars instead of rigid double-pointed needles) and the fit is lovely.  Dancing is no longer available, but Knitpicks has Risata, which is almost identical, the wool having been replaced by a superwash wool.  Unfortunately, Risata is only available in solids, where Dancing was in a lively array of mixtures.  This tells you how long I’ve been looking at my two skeins of Dancing, deciding to turn them into something wearable. 


This sock fascination has probably been fed by my forced immobility this week.  I developed a severe sciatica last weekend, and I can only walk with lots of grimacing and contortions.  I’ve been taking pain meds and using cold and heat, but I’m not ready to walk to my mailbox or get in my car.  Sometimes we get all our tests at one time.  I don’t fight it any more.


I got my instructions about sciatica care from my oldest nephew, by way of his mom.  He was born when I was 7 years old, so we’re not much like aunt/nephew.  He is a triathlete, very competitive in his age range.  He and the other athletic ones in that generation of the family make me so proud.  Imagine, my sisters and me being taught that exercise causes polio (thanks, Mommy!), and our children mastering their bodies in such awesome ways (belly-dancing, running, fencing, yoga, cheering…).  That is just the coolest!


Speaking of bodies, mine has been misbehaving per usual.  A few weeks ago I had an MRI of my brain, to serve as a baseline for my new treatment.  That means we looked to see how the brain looks now, so we have something to compare to if I should have cerebral complications from the B-cell killer drug.  I’ve had MRIs in the past for various reasons, so of course they pulled the most recent one and compared.  There has been some progression in the way lupus has affected my brain in the past two years.  Lupus can cause inflammation in blood vessels in the brain, just as it causes inflammation in other parts of the body.  This is seen on an MRI as a loss of white matter in tiny little areas.  So far, there’s nothing to show it clinically (that is, I still remember my name and solve evil-level Sudoku puzzles), but watch out–if I drool, please say something. 


Sadly, I cannot show you any photos today.  I so wanted to flaunt those gorgeous Austermann socks.  When I get my wireless working and can retrieve them from my laptop, you’ll see my gorgeous tootsies!  Until then, I’m watching election returns-it’s the best suspense theater of the season.




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