The Create Channel

I am being a good girl, sitting on my bed knitting, keeping that leg with the cellulitis elevated.  Television was boring the poop out of me today and I dialed up to the mid100’s to look for a good movie, then higher when nothing was tempting.  At channel 203 I caught a title with the word “Knit” and I veered off to see what was there.  Holy moley, people, I have really been missing something!  (That’s assuming this channel wasn’t just launched today, January 19, 2008.)  PBS (Public Broadcasting System) has their own home/garden/crafting network, called Create.  I went to their website,, to see what shows they offered.  I scrolled through the entire list.  My impression was of many cooking shows, then a good representation of travel, home decorating, crafts and gardening.  The ones most interesting to me were Knit & Crochet Today, and Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray.  I had a chance to see a couple of episodes of both today and they were good teaching shows with excellent demonstrations.  I enjoyed the discussions and the projects were modern and relevant.  The host of Knit & Crochet Today is actress Cassie dePaiva of One Life to Live, a crocheter and chronic interrupter.  Her hosting style is a little distracting to me, but didn’t keep me from sticking with the show.  I understand that show also has interviews with needle artists from various fields done by Brett Bara (editor-in-chief of Crochet Today magazine).   Other crafts shows included one about glass making that I’d love to see, a couple of general diverse crafts shows, and several painting shows.
The DIY network just moved Knitty Gritty from 2 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. (at least on my cable schedule) and I hadn’t dared hope that there would be any other knitting show to enjoy.  I might get up a half-hour early some days to see Vickie Howell and her laid-back crew, because I love them lots!, but at least there’s a backup on Create.  This oughta hold me for a while.



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