Writing Later

Hiya people.  Sorry that I haven’t settled on a consistent time for the blog to come out every day.  I wanted it to be like clockwork, but my body just doesn’t obey, and frankly you get a different post some days if I wait until afternoon.  On a tougher day, the morning post might read “grumble, groan, moan, moan!! #%damnit***)@),mumble$^@”.  In the afternoon, like now, I can smile at my reflection in the monitor and write pleasant things about my knitting. 

Yesterday I promised I’d show the toddler sweater I finished.  Ta da!

babytealsweater-001.jpgOops, no, that looks like a sweater for Thumbelina.  This is the real one:


Sweet, hunh?  And here’s a closeup of the transition from garter stitch on the bottom to 1×1 rib on top:


This was loosely knit on 10.5 needles with the Karabella Soft Tweed.  I cast on 16 stitches for each front.  The fronts are basically rectangles with about 7 stitches cast off to make an indentation for the neck, then 3 more rows garter stitched before I bound off at the shoulder.  The back is a bigger rectangle, 32 stitches ending in casting off the middle 14 and knitting 3 more rows on either side to make the back shoulders.  It has the ribbing above the armpit level, too.  That ribbing at the top gives the sweater slight shaping, so that it hugs a little closer to the body at the top.  The sleeves are also rectangles knit from 28 stitches and folded over to seam underneath.  I made about an inch of ribbing at the cuff, then the rest of the sleeve is garter stitch.  The shoulder seams and side seams are stitched, then the sleeves are set in and stitched all around the armhole (right side of sleeve to right side of body).  I’ll show this process in more detail some time.  It’s hard to see but the buttons are light orange.  They bring out the brown flecks in the yarn that make it tweedy.  (You do know that brown and orange are shades of the same color, right?)  I made a row of single crochet around the neck and front, starting at one bottom front and going right around to the other.  The buttons are sewn onto the front placket made by the crochet and buttoned into naturally occuring spaces in the knitting.  I buttoned left over right, like a boy sweater, but it could just as easily be worn by a girl.  Boy parents just seem to be more sensitive bout stuff like that, as though buttoning a sweater right over left might make 18 month-old Jeremy start to think like a Jessica. 

I’m going to list this in my store.  My baby sweaters seem to go pretty quickly.  I’ve had some repeat buyers, so they must think the quality and wear of them is good.  I’m working on finishing some washable ones for the moms who just don’t have time for a handwash item.  Hurts to pay $4 to dry clean a baby sweater!  I’ve been dragging my feet on this because I know of some washable wool/bamboo in lovely colors that is going to be available next month.  (SHHHHHHHH, it’s a secret!!!)  (Yes, of course I’m gloating, what’s the fun of having a secret if you can’t gloat?!)  I promise I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s okay. 

I’ve been working a puzzle all afternoon.  I deliberately saved the three cats for last because I don’t want Lucy to get hostile.  I think she’s become aware, however, because she is on the back porch barking like Godzilla is coming over the fence.  She has no idea how little she is and how big and funky a Godzilla attack would be.  I love my fierce little dachshund.  This is Lucy waiting for me to give her some turkey.


Okay, gotta go.  A friend is stopping by.  I haven’t seen her in a long time.  I’m going to try my best to not make her feel guilty.  (Not!)  My mom has become rather saintly since her memory is failing, and she would be appalled at that behavior, hehe!  When I get old enough to forget myself and be saintly, please don’t remind me, just let me be blissfully ignorant.  And regal! 



4 Responses

  1. Cute sweater and a cute Lucy. Have a great day.

  2. That is really cute….
    I can’t wait until I progress…
    I still haven’t learn how to cast on…

  3. That’s a cute sweater and doggie! I want to start knitting again as soon as we are over this hot spell.

  4. LUUUUCY! Oooh what a cute picture of my little doggy poo! Love both of you girls!

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