Completed Blanket

Mornin’ all.  You’ve been watching the construction of Dayna’s blanket and now it’s all finished.  It took most of an additional skein of yarn to make the border.  If you recall, the yarn used for this project was Cozy Cotton that I ordered online from Flying Fingers.  This is my second blanket from that yarn, and I am as happy with it as when I started.  The finished piece is a comfortable weight, not too heavy, and feels soft against the skin.  The colors are a little muted compared to the brightness with which it photographed.  The deep rose color is not a hot pink in real life. 


I’m in love with this piece.  I did not block it.  I finished the side edges with three or four rows of single crochet and a final row of double crochet.  Top and bottom got one row of single crochet.  Final length is 50 inches, width is 40 inches. 

daynasblanketcompletec.jpgI made blankets for two other students as they headed to college:  Julian (my son) and Dayna’s best friend.  Next in line is my niece, who has selected this same style in shades of pink and blue.  I completed her first block at therapy Tuesday.  I decided to knit hers on size 8 needles with a 36-stitch width.  This is going to produce longer, 8 inch-wide blocks, and will probably need a different arrangement of blocks.  Can’t wait to see it develop. 

That’s enough of typing knitting notes before breakfast! 



2 Responses

  1. The blanket is beautiful…a labor of love for your daughter, WOW!!! I love all the different patterns and colors! I didn’t know you could mix knitting with crocheting. I finish off my afghans with the same kind of finish when there is no fringe. Are you sending it or taking it to her? Can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. Beautiful blanket. I know she will feel your love every time she uses it.

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