What a Difference a Year Makes!

Today I took my daughter to college.  Nope, that’s what I did last year.  Today I accompanied my daughter as she went back to college.  She didn’t need me to take her anywhere.  She organized the move, put her stuff together, figured out what supplies needed to be purchased, did all the extra laundry, packed the bags, hauled them to the cars, and drove herself to school in another state.  I folded some shirts.  I drove my own car to her school.  Her dad met us, they hauled everything up to the second floor of the sorority house, and I took some folded shirts and put them in drawers. 

I am really liking this!  After the move-in we went to Target, and I played a very important role, pushing the shopping cart while my girl chose the few things she still needed for her room.  I offered comments like “cute!” and “adorable!”, feeling very satisfied that my mothering requirements are taking that fabulous turn toward supportive friend. 

By the time we went to my hotel for me to check in, I was feeling quite confident and excited about the prospects of this school semester.  Perhaps a little over-confident, I stepped off the curb in front of the office and fell flat on my face.  I gave my right knee a tremendous smack, scraped some skin off my left palm and dug into my right elbow.  After laying on the ground and doing a mental inventory of my body parts with background music that sounded suspiciously like me groaning, I picked myself up and dusted off my dignity.  By the time I had limped into the hotel room, my knee was visibly swollen.  At this point, I turned from mother to kid and sat and whimpered a little while my grown-up child helped me prop up the knee and pack it in cold drinks. 

Injuries aside, this has been a successful day.  The knee will heal.  It just has a bit of a traumatic effusion; nothing is torn and it works fine.  I am here, witnessing a transformation that every mother wants to see. 



2 Responses

  1. I am so proud! WTG Girls!

  2. Ouch!

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