Christmas Gifts

xmasgifts-001.jpgMornin’ people!  I  am ashamed of myself.  I call myself a knitter and I’ve waited ten days to tell you the fabulous yarn and needles I received as Christmas gifts.  Everybody has their favorites among knitting needles and I’m no different.  Generally I like bamboo and other woods for warmth and slightly blunted tips.  Dayna went shopping for me at Etsy and unknowingly chose the same needle store I selected a year ago.  Chelle ( handmakes her needles and caps them with beautifully weighted ceramic ends that are painted in gorgeous flowers or adorned with humorous slogans.  I opened a stout cardboard cylinder to find one of each – a pair of needles with beautiful flower ends and some with deep blue caps with the words “Yarn Snob”.  xmasgifts-005.jpg

My daughter knows me!  The needles are light as air, smooth and waxed, and well-balanced.  I picked up the larger pair and immediately began to knit with…


…my second knitting gift, which was a box of yarn from Suss in Beverly Hills, California.  My ex was visiting L.A., knew of Suss Cousins through a mutual friend, and spent an hour in her shop looking at her lush fibers.   I am a total fan of her designs, and if I used other people’s patterns hers would be at the top of my list.  According to the ex, her store is wonderful (you can see photos at her website,, stocked with her gorgeous yarns, some of which are on display at the website.  He selected a multistrand yarn with beautiful components including a narrow ribbon, a tiny strand with intermittent squares of ribbon, a feathery roving, and two thin crinkly strands.  It knits easily and I had a knee-length, fringed, seed-stitch scarf before I knew it.  The best is that I have five skeins left!  Party!


One of my sisters went the other direction with a pile of Ultra Alpaca Light from Berroco in a deep, rich, cherry red.  Already I see another pair of mitts coming from this tightly twisted yarn.  Or an airy shawl.  She sent me at least 600 yards, I can have a great splurge! 


My mother-in-law added new scissors to the usual bagful of gifts from her and the father-in-law, and just in time!  My old “good” scissors had cut through one too many pieces of cardboard.  Now I have the new Singer sewing scissors in large and small sizes. 

I received lots of other fabulous gifts that are as much appreciated as the ones I’ve described.  I am surprised by something every year.  The people around me are creative and generous.  What a blessing!  I even appreciate the neti pot, although at first I questioned the motives of the sister who felt we all needed to be introduced to the practice of pouring salty water through our nostrils.  Is that really love? 

Today I am giving up a wonderful knitting group session to go see my little old parents.  I KNOW that is love!  Oh well.  Knitting has been here for centuries and will persist.  My parents are 88 and 89 and fed me.



3 Responses

  1. Ha!
    I bought my stepdad a neti pot…he introduced me to clearing out my nostrils with salt water last year and it is fantastic…gross on so many levels…but still…one of those amazingly simple things to do that makes you feel like a new person….If you have question…let me know…it really is a wonderful gift…I have been using a baby’s nose sucker thing that new mothers use on their babies,,,but the neti pot from what my stepfather says is much more gentle….

  2. I just love the yarn from SussDesigns. It is simply beautiful and the scarf in just lovely. You have to put one of your creations in the store with this yarn. I have never seen anything like it before…just gorgeous! Bye-Bye!

  3. Nice blog. These yarn looks wonderful. Your blog is appreciated. You seems to be very creative person.

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