I’m Not Dead

…au contraire, I am doing quite well today.  Don’t get your panties in a knot just ’cause I’m late getting my word out.  Today I cleaned up the kitchen, took an early bath, did the body maintenance (big post on that to come), made some business calls, knitted on another cashmere beauty, talked to my kids, danced with Ellen, prepared and ate two meals, copied and faxed stuff, got myself settled in on Ravelry, let the dog in and out…hell, I’m a regular dynamo!  Dayna is getting packed for school and there is a LOT going on, so this is my compressed version of “What I did on Thursday and why my blog is being written at 4 p.m. EST.”  I thought I could fudge with some photos.


Above is a blanket I knit from Noro Silk Garden.  Each block of the blanket was an entire skein of yarn.  I loved the variations of color and the wonderful texture of this piece.  Someone purchased it from my Etsy store and I packed it with a heavy heart.  It was one of my favorite pieces of 2007. 

bananapouchblackc.jpg  This little drawstring bag (about 10 x 8 inches) is made from banana fiber yarn.  I am astonished to find the variety of plants that can be used to make yarn.  This was a thick and thin yarn with a wonderful sheen, not difficult to use.  I lined it with vintage fabric from a dress I made in junior high.  Clearly the value of this fine product has not been appreciated, because it is still in my Etsy store. 

essiespurplesequinhatb.jpgI crocheted this purple hat from a tiny purple yarn with little teeny sequins attached throughout its length and a second purple yarn.  I love the design of it, with a brim band that ends in two tails that can be knotted to secure the hat as tightly as you desire.  It is light and comfortable to wear.  Unfortunately, I lost it in the daughter wars.  One day Dayna borrowed it and I haven’t been able to pry it out of her fingers ever since.  It’s so hard to take back something when you are flattered by the appreciation of your hand work. 

Okay, that’s as far as I can go today. 



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