Merry Christmas to All…

It is Christmas morning.  We have a tradition, and Dayna touched on it in her comment (at the end of the previous post).  I’ve been divorced from her dad for thirteen years.  We are friends, with a bond around the common goal of raising a happy, capable daughter.  On Christmas he still comes over in the morning and fixes breakfast and we open gifts.  Later, Dayna and I make the rounds to see her grandparents.  This morning, for the first time, Julian will join us. 

Things that make me happy this Christmas morning:

  • Having four hand-knit stockings for us.  (Pattern to come.)
  • Remembering that we needed stocking stuffers.
  • Dayna knowing two sets of wonderful grandparents.
  • The Today Show is on, keeping me oriented.
  • My dog wasn’t hurt last night when she was hiding under a tree in the mud making mournful sounds.  She had just decided it was time to hide under a tree in the mud.
  • My cup of coffee.
  • Anticipation of my first B-cell killing expedition tomorrow.
  • Having two college-age children in my house for the holidays.
  • Not being on Facebook.
  • Having new red nonstick frying pans for the traditional Christmas hashbrowns.
  • Having someone to cook the hashbrowns that really knows what he’s doing.
  • Having great friends who open their computer and IM you on Christmas morning.  (Love you, girl!)
  • The Tired Old Ass Cream was delivered yesterday, just in time to give to two of my sisters today.  (Thanks, Vermont Country Store!)
  • I am here and thriving and have so much joy in my life!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Happy Holidays if you aren’t celebrating Christmas (’cause you know you’re enjoying the time off)! 

and of course PEACE!


3 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!
    I love perfectly cooked hashbrowns…heaven!

  2. Kill The B-Cells. Great movie title. Now, if only I hadn’t told everybody you were killing T-Cells. This proves what kind of doctor I’d be.

    Happy Boxing Day/St Stephen’s Day!

    I’m grateful I have no inclination to go shopping today!

    Have fun storming the B-cells!

  3. Hi Essie,
    Merry Christmas to you and Dayna! I finally got the birthday card and gift. Thanks so much for thinking about me.
    Love to you both,

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