Three days until Christmas and I am in a crisis.  I am having difficulty concentrating, I am losing interest in my current knitting projects, and I’ve had recurrent episodes of palpitations and anxiety.  The source of all this angst?  Not the upcoming lupus therapy.  Not the fast-approaching Christmas and my lack of decorations.  Not the thought of my precious child returning to college three hours away in less than three weeks.  No, I’m having a mohair craving.  Suddenly and without explanation, that huge, purple and blue ball of mohair that I have been walking by for a year is calling to me, saying “Knit me!  Knit me!” 

This is how it goes, folks.  I’m happily knitting along on a couple of projects (or three or five), perfectly satisfied with the progress they are making.  After all, I am a fast knitter, and it doesn’t take me months or even weeks to complete a project.  What with all the time I have to knit, I can finish most things in a matter of days.  The problem is that there’s a race from the time I start, all starry-eyed and in love with the current piece, to the time I drag into the finish line and bind off, tired of looking at the same color and handling the same needles, with my eye already on the next prize. 

But this jump, from cotton and cashmere to mohair?  This is startling and unprecedented.  I didn’t even think I liked mohair.  I didn’t buy this stuff, it was a generous gift from a friend.  Oh Lordy, she is gonna read this and know I haven’t touched it since I got it.  I am in so much trouble.  But now that I pick up this ball, already neatly wound on my spiffy ball winder, I see that it has a lovely soft feel, and the colours–heck, no wonder they called to me even from their dark, lowly bottom shelf!  Deep violets, teals, feathery soft grays…just incredible.  Well, look for yourself:


Are you feeling mohair palpitations?  Or am I just a nut.  I keep telling myself that mohair comes from goats–can you say “Yuck!” or are you with Clara Parkes, author of The Knitter’s Book of Yarn , who says she finds “the inquisitive, friendly goat such a charmer.”  As a matter of fact, her book, which is my fiber bible (and I’m sure I’ll post on that at length at another time), notes that the angora goat is the source of this “flame-retardant, soil-resistant” fiber which is very strong and can take up lots of moisture without getting soggy.  Ok, now I’m feeling a little guilty.  As a person who advocates for natural fibers in a very vocal way, I should have given mohair more of a chance. 

So far, I haven’t given in to my craving.  On my needles I currently have half of a black cashmere cap, half of the last strip of Dayna’s blanket (and this current block is a doozy of a pattern straight from my muddled brain), two-thirds of a washable wool toddler sweater, and half of a bamboo scarf.  Umm, don’t by any means think these are the only incomplete projects in my house.  These are just the ones that I can see from where I’m sitting, and the ones that will get some action right now.  If you inventoried my house, you’d find enough projects to keep a small prison ward occupied.  I think I can keep busy without casting on the mohair. 

Frequent visitors to my home will be happy to hear that the long-awaited storage ottoman has arrived.  When you have a house full of yarn and knitting projects, you are constantly looking for new ways to store (and hide!) them.  There will be a little more sitting and walking space in the living room now that the storage ottoman is here.  It is big enough for my dachshund to live in, and we can prop our feet and coffee cups on the huge vinyl top when it’s closed.  Thanks, Target!  Especially for the free shipping, without which this lovely piece wouldn’t have been purchased.  Note to self for future post:  take photos of your yarn stash and projects; be sure to mark “Hazardous, may exacerbate yarn addiction.”



4 Responses

  1. LOL!!
    I just love mohair…I really must learn how to knit…that would be so luscious to work with…..heavy sigh….

  2. So beautiful! ….and Angora goats are such delightful little creatures. Everyone who sees and meets my goats falls instantly in love with them. To see such a beautiful ball of yarn spun from their fiber delights my heart.

    Yellow Jacket Ridge Angora Ranch
    Steamboat Springs

  3. That mohair is 3-D-ing its way off the screen – What a neat picture! Or Movie – The Ball of Mohair From Outer Space!

  4. I am thrilled to see that beautiful yarn has finally found purpose! Greatness takes time. – luv ya!

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