Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuuummmmmmmble!

charityhatsdec07c.jpgYeah, baby, I am so ready!  Important stuff is in the wind, and my preparation has started.  You know that I have my first Rituxan treatment on December 26, but I’ve not spent much time on the day before that.  Christmas is coming!  Reading my previous posts one would figure I had no interest in Christmas at all.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I adore the holiday and the whole season.  I look all year for things that are special for one person or another, grabbing items whenever and wherever I spot them.  I stay out of the malls and most of the brick and mortar stores and shop on the web, focusing on Etsy.com where you can find anything handmade, my favorite yarn stores, and book stores.  I add in little pieces that I pick up at art galleries and craft fairs.  I round it off with gift certificates from cool places where I think the recipient may not shop without a nudge.  I have parents, aunts, cousins, five sisters, eleven nieces and nephews, six great nieces and great nephews, my own dear daughter, any number of pseudo-adopted children, and friends.  Not to mention the postlady and part-time housekeeper and my doctor…you get the picture.  I make a long gift list. 

Right about now the last things are being delivered to the house, and this weekend I must sort them and repack the out of town stuff so it can go to the post Monday.  To all of you who get boxes in the mail:  do not open until Christmas!  Santa and Jesus and karma will all impact you if you should disobey.  And I will call you a greedy heifer! 

Given my enthusiasm, you might think we were all decorated and decked out.  Not!  The folding, predecorated cheapo tree is still in its bag in the garage.  The new inflatable of those famous icons, the Christmas penguins, is still in its box.  We never have jumped up from the Thanksgiving table and begun decorating.  However, once we have decorations up, they stay up!  We may still be displaying them in February.

One part of Christmas prep has been in effect for six weeks.  When the church that I claim to belong to announced its plans for the annual Angel Tree, where members bring in warm outerwear for the kids at a local elementary school, I started knitting.  I’ve got a pile of hats to take in, and I found a half-dozen puffy jackets on sale to go with them.  I asked Dayna to photograph the hats because hats for kids are so much fun.  She made them more fun, placing them in Christmas tree formation!


I think we have 15 completed hats, but it started with a basket that I put in the living room, and every now and then I’d make a hat and toss it in.  In the end we had a stack of hats like you see in the top photo.  I love making children’s hats.  I try not to make them too sweet.  Sometimes I think kids need antennae and extra eyeballs and ear flaps more than cables and ruffles!  They are my experimentation ground for fierce, fun hats. 

I started a hat last night out of – you guessed it – cashmere.  Pulled out the moss green and cast 60 stitches onto four size 7 double points and ribbed for several rounds, then I looked at it and decided my ribbing looked like a bunch of flat ladders.  I pulled it all off (ribit, ribit, that’s the sound of me frogging my hat) and started over with straight needles, size 6.  I like the look of this one and if it makes it to the finish line I’ll share the pattern.  There is absolutely no significance to me starting over on straight needles.  There was a pair right beside the bed.  I’m not averse to a little seaming at the end. 

So I’m off to attend to my favorites:  coffee, Christmas and cashmere.  Peace!


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  1. The first present I bought and wrapped was for the angel tree at church. A 23-year old mother of two wanted a rug – too precise a request for me to resist! The Baby bought the rug, uneven stripes of pale blue and yellow; something she might have bought for herself. Fun to send a present to someone out there somewhere. The rest of it is coming along so slowly, I UPS’d a few things to Houston for the other baby and her sister and daddy; a ring, earrings, and a Heavenly Ham, respectively. I am making things, but for ME.

    Love you.

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