Just Another Manic Tuesday

I got out of bed this morning and nothing hurt.  I walked to the kitchen, took out the oatmeal that I had already prepared in the rice cooker, added some yogurt, fixed a cup of coffee…still nothing was hurting.  This is a cool day.  It doesn’t mean I’m cured or that the current flare of lupus activity is gone.  It means that I’m starting this day with a bonus, the blessing of not having any pain.  I don’t dwell on the pain because it is so frequent and diffuse, and because I have long since come to terms with the fact that it goes with the disease.  But I do notice its absence. For myself, I’ve made the decision to treat pain only when it is really severe or when it truly limits me from doing something that feels necessary.  I can’t use up 90 pain pills in a year, and that’s usually a modest month’s prescription of the pain medicine my doc has prescribed.  My focus is to treat the disease that is causing the pain, and to stop the long-term consequences of both the disease and the medications that I take for it, so it seems silly to waste pill-taking that doesn’t help the disease.  I know that doesn’t work for everyone and I never prescribed for others based on my own pain tolerance or philosophy, but I have certainly described that philosophy to others.  I cannot feel like a good doc if I concur with someone’s desire to treat only the pain and not try and get at the underlying cause if it is treatable. I think that desire to understand the disease, to know why a certain disease affected the body in a particular way, and what part of that caused the pain or disability or other visible manifestations of the disease, was the strongest reason I chose medicine as a career.  That went hand in hand with knowing how to affect the disease, change its course, or cure it.  Cool stuff.  But there are a number of other reasons that choosing medicine happened, and today is not the day for that discussion.I am still in the process of posting new items in the store.  In case you haven’t noticed my scattered references, you can see it at http://www.essiewb.etsy.com/.   Yesterday I photographed some items on my mannequin, Estelle, and then measured them and began to post.  Dayna offered to help and I turned the laptop over to her and walked her through the posting procedure, and she enjoyed it and turned out to be very good at it.  She knows how to breeze through the software, she is good at describing my handmade products, and she types like a demon.  She taught herself how to type as a kid and it is totally unorthodox and quite effective.  I didn’t want to “fix” what wasn’t broken so I never sent her to a keyboarding class.  Anyway, we got started on the posting and will continue today.  It’s bright and sunny and I might take some of the photos outside. While we watched the gorgeous Denzel Washington in Deja Vu last night I finished the second block in the second strip of Dayna’s afghan.  I was a little apprehensive about the stitch I used, but when I finished and started the third block I could see that it was going to fit in beautifully.  Sometimes when you are knitting it seems that a project is turning sour and it’s tempting to put it down, but it can be a transient spell of needing to push on and see the more completed perspective.  Hmmm.  I probably could have used that as marriage advice.  That is soooo the stuff of a million later (much later) posts.For now, the sun leaking around my curtains is calling to me, and I want to grab my camera and some products and make some photos outside on the deck.  I hope you have something to do today that will be a pleasurable challenge.  (Yes, I did just make that dorky statement, and I meant every word of it!)Peace.


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