Still Friday

I’ve been to Yarn Works and visited with Sandra, Christine, and Becky.  They showed me all the cool new stuff in the store, including quilted wall hangings in outrageous colour by Becky, and my favorite bamboo yarn, Plymouth Royal Bamboo, in a sultry, silky black.  They have all kinds of lovely handcrafted gifts for sale from fiber artists as far as South Africa and as close as Chattanooga’s Stacie Florer, the jeweler of Fox Hollow Jewelry (  I’m quite humbled* putting my baby sweaters and deconstructed scarves next to their beautiful pieces.  The studio was all decorated and ready for guests as there will be an OPEN HOUSE tomorrow, Saturday (12/08), from noon to 8 p.m.  Great fun!!

*One thing I wasn’t humble about was the beautiful handmade tags that Dayna made for my items.  Here’s a sample of them:

tinydaynastags.jpgEach tag is unique, and they are like tiny works of art. 

Okay, enough with the posting.  Time to work on Dayna’s blanket.  I’ll have an entire four-block strip completed before bedtime. 



2 Responses

  1. Oh, have a blast at the open house! I am going to try and get by there tomorrow night too…
    Those tags are so wonderful! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful and talented daughter…

  2. Dayna, How did I miss seeing these? They are gorgeous!

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