It’s Wednesday and My Plate is Full

I wake up early, expecting a good day.  It is a lifelong characteristic.  My mom told me that when I was a baby I was an early riser, and I was always present to have breakfast with my dad.  Daddy was a career Army officer, and he rose early and went to work at 6.   My parents are two of the coolest people I know.  You’ll be hearing about them! 

The tricky part is not the early rising, but the anticipation of good.  I don’t know how one becomes an optimist, but it is a tremendous gift if you have it.  I have lupus, and a realistic assessment of my day should probably include anticipating a certain amount of pain and stiffness, fatigue from things that don’t make the average person tired, and attention to pill and shot taking along with whatever special therapy is due for the day.  But that is never how my day starts.  Instead, I think about the projects I can work on, the novel I’m halfway through, the coffee I’m going to choose for breakfast, the Etsy search for a special gift for one of my sisters…The day stretches in front of me, a blank canvas with a huge palette of colours that I can use on it at will.  Hallelujah!

It is starting to get light outside.  The only light sources in my room are my laptop screen and the Today Show.  I like the way the outside light sneaks up on me until my room is lit from there and not from my artificial sources.  I’m thinking about today.  Dayna and I are planning to drive up the mountain and visit one of our  best friends.  She is a woman who has the unique ability to be both my friend and Dayna’s, and we will be equally happy to spend time at her house.  She is finding her way in the mosaic field in a very precise, orderly fashion–the opposite of how I jump in head first without a manual.  She is the opposite of my abstraction.   She has a store with her incredibly detailed mosaic pieces:

I’ll take my knitting with me to the mountain and work on a rectangle for Dayna’s blanket.  Dayna is my 19 year old daughter.  She always knows exactly what she wants, and she has requested a cotton blanket similar to one that I finished last week and put in the store.  It is being knit with Cozy Cotton from Cottage Knits in New Hampshire.    It comes in  wonderful muted colors and is tightly spun but not mercerized.  The only place I’ve found it is at, one of my absolute favorite yarn stores.  It’s on the Hudson in New York, but I feel like they are my local yarn shop (thanks for the neighborhood flavor, Elise!).  Dayna’s blanket is in persimmon and rose quartz and oatmeal and soft plum-don’t you love when the colours have imaginative names?  You’ll see it as I work on it-only on the first block right now.  You can see Dayna now, however:kentuck.jpgThat’s us at the Kentuck Arts Festival in Tuscaloosa in October. 

My cell phone will be in my pocket all day, as I should get a call from my rheumatologist (arthritis doc) to schedule a new therapy.  I’ve had lupus for 15 years, and I’ve been a testament to how quickly medical research can change the landscape for a disease.  The meds for lupus are sooooo much better than they were even 10 years ago, and the one I’m getting scheduled for is a real first:  a highly specific drug that targets the major cells that make the immune reactions that are central to lupus.  I could actually have a (shhhh, sacred words time!) REMISSION.  Hush!  I did not just say that!  Big grin on my face, folks!  I’m tired of riding the prednisone bus, and the addition of methotrexate and Enbrel held me well for a while, but it’s time for bigger guns.  This all sounds like I am at death’s door hangin’ on by a thread, but actually I’m good as lupus patients go.  The real killers in lupus are kidney disease and brain disease, and I don’t have either.  Shut up, I know I’m crazy, but it’s not the lupus. 

Two nights ago I had a unique outing.  I went to Panera Bread downtown to meet with three other local women who have shops on Etsy.  Two hours of heaven, sipping my coffee and hearing about their shop woes and victories, swapping info on shows, talking about how we can support each other’s efforts, and of course talking about our lives.  Ever notice how women get together and immediately it’s personal?  I love how integrated our lives are–there’s not a compartment that says “work” and a separate place for “family”–we weave all our threads simultaneously.  And these particular women do it beautifully–Debbie does glass work at, Stacie does jewelry at, and Tobi has hair and jewelry ornaments at  Thanks, you guys!  Mad fun!

Yikes, the morning is moving along and I am itching to knit.  More talk later people!



3 Responses

  1. Oh have so much fun on your trip…I love friends like that…wonderful!

  2. It was great meeting you in person! Can’t wait to meet again!!! XOXO

  3. The picture is great…your daughter is so beautiful and I love how you describe the light entering your room in the mornings. You are writing a best seller GIRL FRIEND! Gotta work…Ohh I pray you will soon hear the words – REMISSION!!!!!
    Wonderful DAY!

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